NOTE: All ISA tools require ISA Server or ISA Remote Console installation.

ISA User Access Check

"Where can my users go today?"
Find out quickly what kind of Internet access specific users have through the ISA proxy.

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Stop malware with and ISA Server provides a DNS blocklist of known malware domains. This list is natively used as a part of DNS configuration, however, the below tool will allow you to import the domains.txt definitions file into ISA Server as a URL Set or DNS Set. You can then create a deny access rule based on the imported list.

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Support Thread

Microsoft: Using URL and Domain Name Sets in ISA Server 2004
Microsoft: Adding Lists to Domain Name Sets and URL Sets Microsoft: ISA 2006 Best Practices

ISA Rules Admin

(work in progress)
Allow Windows domain users to administer specific rules. Excellent tool to allow teachers to enable and disable access rules for their labs and classrooms.

Readme First
Download ADAM from Microsoft - Part 1 (3.5mb)
Download Setup Batch Files - Part 2
Download Web Application - Part 3
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Firewall Client Updater

Uninstalls existing Firewall Client and installs a user defined version of the Firewall Client.
NOTE: Requires elevated privilages to uninstall and install MSI files.
NOTE: This tool does NOT require ISA Server or Remote Console to be installed.
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Support Thread

Microsoft: Firewall Client with Vista support (version 4.0.3442)

ISA Traffic Monitor and Session Control

Monitor web traffic through ISA, display and control any active sessions, force objects into cache.

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